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Pro Bono Pentests

Our company set the objective to deliver one pro bono project per quarter.

Who our Pro Bono Pentests are for

  • Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Non Profit Organizations (NPOs) only
  • Our pentests must make a difference (e.g. no pentesting of systems without severe risks)
  • Detected vulnerabilities with high or critical risk must be resolved within eight weeks
  • Re-tests of resolved issues are mandatory within eight weeks (we re-test for free)
  • IT department (inhouse or outsourced) that understands and is able to tackle reported vulnerabilities
  • Flexibility in time
    • We define a time frame together (e.g. one month) in which we will deliver the project
    • Please understand that we do not guarantee execution within a fixed period of time (e.g. in a certain week), as we do for our commercial customers
  • You grant us access to systems (like network access, users, etc) in a timely manner
  • We are allowed to publish our cooperation incl. your logo (excl. any results or other confidential information)
  • We prefer ongoing cooperations over one-time pentests

What you receive

  • A compentent partner in offensive IT security
  • Pentests for free
  • Calls for information exchange, vulnerability information, etc.
  • Written reports in PDF format (English or German)
  • Strict secrecy of any obtained information and vulnerability details
  • You will be treated like any other customer who pays for our services (we expect more flexibility in time only)
  • Remote pentests (from the Internet) If we once agree to come onsite, you pay for travel and accommodation.

Interested? Get in touch with us!

+43 660 923 40 60 (Signal Messenger preferred) ( S/MIME cer/pem)